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We are empowering finance and legal professionals to become successful entrepreneurs. Many professionals are good at what they do, but they don’t always have the knowledge or the tools to build a thriving business around their professional skills. We believe that the majority of professionals are not rewarded fairly for their expertise.

Through connecting Your professional expertise with the right tools, guidance, and business experience, we’re building successful member firms that clients want to work with. Comistar delivers premium pricing & profits through strong brand and performance standards.

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Franchise Process

Why Join Comistar

Proven Business Model

Comistar has proven its business model in three different countries, with each office growing at least 100% year after year. This gives us confidence that we can help other accountants to do the same.

Franchising is safer

While most of the startups fail, franchise businesses are more likely to succeed thanks to the existing processes and business practices.

Corporate Image

As a lone wolf it’s very hard to build a corporate image that creates instant confidence and trust. With the trust and confidence comes premium pricing. With premium pricing we create profits.

Investment Levels


Starting: 14 800€

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Independent Contractor

Depends on the area

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Member Manager

Depends on the area

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For ambitious professionals

Get in touch to start your Comistar journey

To join Comistar, you’ll need to know your craft. You have to be a capable accountant, auditor, advisor or a lawyer, as we won’t teach you the profession. We will train you to become a good entrepreneur – to sell, market, and build a sustainable business.

You don’t have to start your Comistar journey alone. You can partner with other professionals from the same field, or complimentary fields where Comistar operates, share your expenses and and create an united member firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comistar is an accounting and legal services franchise. We create accounting offices that deliver real value to the customers at the premium pricing.

Depends on the territory where you want to open your Comistar office. Acquiring a license is an investment that will increase in value over time. We’ve listed out all possible starting costs on our menu page here: Click here to read about the investment levels. 

We have prepared a financing model in cooperation with a financing partner to finance eligible applicants.

There are no limits to how big you can grow your office, but the main factors are the territory you operate in, your own commitment and grit, ability to increase revenue, and of course, luck .

Available Markets

Green – Available markets now
Red – Opens Q1 2019 (US, Canada, Australia)*
Blue – Opens Q2 2020 (South America)*
Orange – Opens Q1 2021 (Africa)*
*You can still submit your application. We will make exceptions for good candidates.

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