Common questions

Depends on the territory where you want to open your Comistar office. Acquiring a license is an investment that will increase in value over time. We’ve listed out all possible starting costs on our menu page here.

Minimum financial requirement is 15 000€ to start a Comistar franchise. If you want to obtain financing, good credit rating and no criminal history are a must. Are you eligible for financing? Get in touch with us for more information.

We have prepared a financing model in cooperation with a financing partner to finance eligible applicants.

Royalties start from 8%. The rate can differ dependent on the type of the business that you do. Additionally, we have an advertisement fee to fund advertising the Comistar brand on your territory. This helps our franchisees to generate more clients and awareness. Collective marketing has proven to be more effective and creates more possibilities and value for all the franchisees.

Advertising fee on average is 4%.

You get exclusive rights to a certain territory to operate under Comistar name. Read more what you can get for your money from here and Why Comistar is a good investment from here.

There are no limits to how big you can grow your office, but the main factors are the territory you operate in, your own commitment and grit, ability to increase revenue, and of course, luck .

We support you all the way from picking the right location for the office to finding your first clients. The first step is helping you to determine your target market and map out the shortest road to reach them.

Training and mentoring sessions are all focused on growing your company: marketing, sales, systematizing the business and leadership. Supporting our members is a priority of the whole organization, hence, our member support is always available for a call or through other communication channels. Whether you need help with questions regarding clients, staff or your next campaign, you can always get in touch for support.

5 years. The franchise agreement in good standing will be renewed automatically. License can be sold with the legal entity if you’ll do an exit from the business.

No, you have purchased the license and invested in the territory and your business, so it’s yours to keep.

Through deliberate marketing campaigns and sales efforts. We start by creating your ideal customer avatar, their needs and wants and the customer journey. Then we map out which channels to use and the right sales message to acquire them. Finally, we start testing and measuring the results.

You need a local accounting program to provide the service. We give you a ready CRM to operate the business, company finances and manage clientele.

Usually, it’s an area of one city or community. With bigger cities, we determine the territory during the negotiations.

Simply put, starting from nothing is exponentially harder. The learning curve of building a profitable business is steep. With Comistar, you will be part of continuously growing set of information, talent, and network. This gives you an advantage on the market, as every effort is multiplied and every improvement inside the organization will benefit you as well.

We believe we can bring an unique set of skills and experience to the table to help finance professionals to grow their businesses. Click here to read more about Comistar.