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    Learn About The Comistar Opportunity
    Like with all big decisions, the first step is to do your due diligence and learn what Comistar is all about by reading About Us and Why Comistar sections.

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    Make Sure You’re Qualified
    Like any professional organization, we have criterias for our members.
    From each applicant we require:

    Professional skills to provide the accounting services or funds to hire a professional accountant.
    No bankruptcies in the last 7 years and no criminal records.
    At least 21 years of age.
    Enough cash or a good credit score to obtain financing (learn investment levels)
    Understand the needs of building a successful business
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    Introduce yourself
    Schedule a call and introduce yourself. We schedule 15-30 minute calls with potential members to get to know them and talk them through the Comistar processes and business. You can skip this step if you’re ready to fill in the application.
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    Fill in the application
    There are several important questions that we ask in the application form. This helps us to evaluate each applicant to ensure a smooth onboarding process and successful future cooperation.
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    Review and reply
    We review and reply to the applications within 2 weeks. Upon a positive response we’ll introduce the franchise agreement and schedule a call to go through the agreement and discuss any questions you may have.
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    Decision day
    You’ll fly to our offices to sign the franchise agreement and to complete the initial brand training. Initial license payment is done and we start our journey together.
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