With Comistar you are able to reach synergy among various industries and to be part of a truly in-house service providing, as Comistar is formed by professionals from different industries. Comistar clients receive answers to their questions, solutions to their challenges and fluent continuous multi-industry support. It is a lot easier to succeed when you can offer vast knowledge to your clients, including knowledge beyond your professional focus. Comistar members specialized in other industries beyond your own do the same for you – creating the synergistic network capable of delivering real value to customers. At Comistar, we are your partner, nor silent nor loud, but effective, and a partner who continuously looks to provide you with chances of success.


Comistar Auditing industry is based on financial auditing. Professional certifications, testimonials, and transparent backgrounds are important when you’re asking people to trust you with confidential information and the financial details of a business. Financial Audit regulations differ country-by-country, but the need for trust is always a similarity.

Audit franchise can be started full time if you have a ready client base or part-time to increase your clientele to sufficient level. In many countries, special audits and consulting can be offered and these services contribute a significant amount of the annual turnover of audit industry. Furthermore, using Comistar’s proven methods, the process of acquiring clients is more rapid. We have the platform for your audit business, shared audit routines, and ideas how to create more success with you right from the start.


Accounting clients tend to stay with the same service provider for a long time. The need to change the service provider or to do accounting in-house usually occurs when the company grows bigger. Most service providers don’t know how to cope with these challenges. The key is to grow together with the client. This is where Comistar multi-industry synergy and centralized business concept steps in. Comistar creates a strong foundation to success in accounting business with continuous business development, service development, and synergy driven service packs which create additional value for the customer in contrast to what traditional one-dimensional accounting service providers can deliver.

Comistar accounting franchise has a proven business concept, proven marketing methods and well-grounded skill set to reach rapid growth of your business. We do not turn the industry upside down or make magic tricks, but we know what needs to be done and what most service providers don’t do. Considering the most standard, everyday activities? We optimize and help you to do them even better.


The Advisory Franchise is suitable for one person or group of persons with special skills. Advisory is based on projects and continuous consulting agreements with the industry you are competent in. There are multiple examples of successful advisory businesses, all based on impeccable skill set. You can move on from your current position and turn your contacts into money, work for yourself, but not alone. We have the whole platform designed and ready for you. You can be a retired expert or a CEO wishing to share your knowledge and do fewer hours than before.

Comistar Advisory Franchise is not limited to any industry. We create the business model and exclusive area for you or your group of experts. You can be an IT specialist or a transmission expert, we offer you the platform to thrive and assist you in growing your business.


Everybody needs a lawyer in a growingly complex regulatory landscape. We believe in precautionary legal work, preventing undesirable scenarios from occurring within our clientele. This focus is resulting in business models of continuous business relationships with the clients. Legal business can be daunting to start with, but with Comistar, you have already the hardest steps taken. The benefits of the synergy are truly eminent, especially for legal franchisees. International clients need international service, and with the rapidly growing Comistar entity it’s effortless for you to reach multi-industry support. Add experts to your team and to be truly worthy of your clients’ trust.

The Legal Franchise can be started with existing company, with a group of lawyers or just by yourself. You can be experienced expert or a younger person with new deep knowledge of certain fields of law – the substance is crucial in this business.

Tell us about your situation, skills, and ambitions, so we at Comistar can help you to reach more exciting and rewarding future. Think about starting a franchise with a group of competent colleagues – all you have to do is to continue your successful and dedicated work under Comistar brand. We give you a promise: there are more possibilities within Comistar franchise than you ever knew. Why wouldn’t you use your skills to create more value for you and your close ones