How much do you want to make?

Although we believe your earning potential to be limitless, there are key factors that influence how much money you make as a Comistar Franchisee:

  • Your Territory
  • Work ethic, commitment and grit
  • Your ability to recruit the best people and lead by example
  • Your ability to grow the business
  • Whether you’re starting a new office or you have existing business with personnel
  • Whether you’re starting your Comistar journey alone or with other professionals in the same or complimentary fields

Expenditure Type Amount Payment Method When Due To Whom Payment is to be Made
License: Starting from 5000€ Lump sum On Signing Comistar
Marketing budget (three months) 1000€ – 10 000€ As Incurred Before / During / After Opening Advertisers
Assistant (optional) 500€ – 1500€ As Incurred After Opening Assistant
Office (optional, dependent on the area) 200€ – 1500€ / plus deposit As Incurred Before / During / After Opening Landlord
Inventory 1000 €– 5000€ Lump Sum Before Opening Suppliers
Travel & living expenses while training 1000€ – 2500€ As Incurred Before Opening Travel Agencies & Accomodation Providers
Legal Costs 500€ – 1500€ As Arranged Before Opening Lawyer
Miscellaneous opening costs 500€ – 2000€ As Incurred Before / During The Opening Advertisers
Additional funds – 1st 3 months 5000€ – 15 000€ As Incurred After Opening Utilities, vendors, employees etc.
Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Assistant starting from 50€/month As Incurred Before/After Opening Comistar Ad Centre
Landing Page Creation Starting from 50€/month As Incurred Before/After Opening Comistar Ad Centre
Total all: 14 800€ to 44 600€

Financing Possibilities: We have tailor-made financing models for eligibile applicants with Santander Finance.

What We Pay For

Comistar CRM

We have invested a lot of effort into developing a good software to manage your business, processes, tasks, clients and finances.

Initial marketing materials and memorabilia

We’ll give you branded marketing materials that you can share with your clients and use in your office for creating an impression of a true professional that you are.

Documented marketing campaigns

We have had our own share of trial and error throughout the years of building Comistar offices. We’ve documented the campaigns and will give you an access to them.

Video conferences: Accountability and Mentoring Meetings

Accountability is one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur. Mentoring cuts off years of mistakes. We’ll have meetings to track your performance and plan the next steps.

Ongoing support

Supporting our members is a priority of the whole organization, hence, our member support is always available for a call or through other communication channels.


Being an entrepreneur and building the business requires constant improvement. Training sessions are all focused on growing your company: marketing, sales, systematizing the business and leadership.


Meetups with other franchisees is crucial to building a close network of people that support and help each other. We host the meetups and create an empowering community to be part of.

More ways to be part of Comistar

Independent Contractor

Independent Contractors are people in a very specific niche, work part-time or the territory of the business is very small. We provide special conditions for Independent Contractors to minimize the startup costs.

Member Manager

Member managers support the members in a chosen territory. Member managers are the key to successful expansion of Comistar and will play an important part in the whole organization.