Proven business model

Comistar has proven its business model in three different countries, with each office growing at least 100% year after year. This gives us confidence that we can help other accountants to do the same.

Franchising is safer

While most of the startups fail, franchise businesses are more likely to succeed thanks to the existing processes and business practices.


Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. People usually don’t understand that, until they do. There’s no one to turn to, if you’re your own boss. With Comistar, you’ll have constant support and business guidance to move forward.

Comistar Processes

We’re constantly testing what works and what doesn’t. Creating new products by packaging our services, to value based pricing and marketing channels, we’re documenting the successful practices and sharing them with our members for implementation.

Corporate Image And Brand Awareness

As a lone wolf it’s very hard to build a corporate image that creates instant confidence and trust. With the trust and confidence comes premium pricing. With premium pricing we create profits.


Lenders are more prone to finance franchise businesses. Comistar has in-house partners for financing options to start the business.


To join Comistar, you’ll need to know your craft. You have to know accounting, as we won’t teach you the profession. We will train you to become a good entrepreneur – to sell, market, and build a sustainable business. It won’t be easy. It’s like going to a gym – if it was easy, then everyone would be in great shape.


We’ll help you to create and build marketing campaigns to bring on clients. It’s something that many accountants fail at because they have never had to do it before nor they know how to do it effectively.


Technology helps you to organize your business, manage your clients and employees. Comistar CRM system enables you to operate your business seamlessly. It’s vital to stay at the forefront of technological advancements to create sustainable success.